Trash Catalog

In his own words”I am an artist and graphic designer whose medium typically consists of digital art using the Art Studio iPhone app as well as the Over photo editing app. I create art because I strive to connect with the world around me through a visual medium. When I share this art with others, it gives me the utmost gratification. Music, Pop art, impressionism, and Haitian art and expressionism in particular exude the allure, complexity, grittiness, and imagery that I strive to capture in my various pieces. For this reason I utilize these styles in my approach to visual art in order to produce primitive yet colorful and conceptually rich drawings with subtle nods to Haitian culture and history as well as mysticism and pop culture. I intend for these works and designs to honor my personal influences such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Kerry James Marshall and most recently, Frantz Zephirin.”