I want to use this site to bring people together, to talk, share, support each other, and get out the names of people no one knows about that are doing something different.

If that’s my aim, then I must do something different.

​           I’ve really come to hate FB, its algorithms, marketing, data selling, and monopolization of the internet. So, I want to create a site that operates opposite to that, one that I personally find interesting and helps everyone involved.

There are so many amazing artists and musicians that go unrecognized but don’t because it takes a lot of money and time and effort to do that, I want to provide them a place to.

If you want to support the site, buy something from the store or donate directly. If you like an artist or business on featured here, contact them. Support what you like, forget what you don’t, have fun, and engage with the site and each other.

​Our site policies: 

​All art and music in galleries are the sole property of it’s creator and may not be used without their permission.

​We do not sell your data, nor do we have third party advertising.

This sites only source of is sales from the store or direct donations

All art on iamnotnotacat products were commissioned and purchased from featured artists in the gallery or employees of this site.

We don’t use algorithms to show you things. You get to discover them. There are MANY wormholes that go to unexpected places…

enjoy the trip.