Sect.23 is Jason Cummings, from beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Jason started to make music 20+ years ago with….XBox! Jason picked up bits of hardware along the way, tried a few DAWs starting with Magix Music Maker 12 but in the end settled on FL Studio Producer Edition. As of about 2 years ago he ditched the computer because he worked on one all day at the day job, and didn’t want to diminish the love for his art in any way . Now Jason makes music on the Akai Pro MPCX, from first note to final production. A computer is involved only for making videos and cover art. Sect.23 (Jason) makes two different genres ….. unsure what to call them as his music is not like any most have heard. One could be described as electro/alternative/jazz, and the other dubstep/cinematic/hardstyle.