Killed BY Florida

Killed By Florida is a rock and roll band at heart. We play punk I guess. It’s not thrash but not hardcore. We are getting to what I believe is power violence. The idea is to have fun and challenge ourselves. We are recording our 3 album “War on my TV” ourselves. We are considered political but that’s just part of it. I (jammer) the singer and lyricist like to point out hypocrisy in the ruling class and the blind followers. Anti-war, anti-racist, Antifa, anti-bigot, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic entitled assholes. We have 2 shows October 22 and 23 with going postal from NYC at the dog and bone in coco and the stamp Vero. We are taking November off to record. December 4 we will be headlining the fort pierce punk rock flea market and December 17th we will rock with DRI again at respectables WPB.