Infint3 Vision

I’m Charlie Nordstrom, 24, from Sweden.
About 1 year ago after some years of exploring consciousness and existence with certain techniques and substances, I realized among other things my love and passion for creating art.

While growing up and even until last year.
I had a tough time focusing on anything for longer periods of time and a lot of insecurities within.
I could never imagine myself being able to draw at all, and never tried. Until one day last year in May I sat down with a piece of paper and a pen, I decided to try.
That was the moment I turned into a butterfly. I left the very slow, dangerous and imprisoned life of the Caterpillar I once had been. I found a new meaning in life, a way to express myself and with my new beautiful wings stay high all the time.

I learned to overcome my fear of what others might think and my general stress about life.
I looked within and found a heart, a heart full of love, love that had always been there just hidden behind ego and self-doubt.

Here are some of my creations I hope you appreciate and enjoy it!