Cub Ghost

Cub Ghost is an emo rap musician from the UK and has been putting music out since January 2021, with the release of his debut EP “Treehouse of Horror 666”. Coming from an extensive musical background and getting fed up of flaking band members, Cub went solo. Growing up, he was in and out of deathcore, metalcore and grindcore bands, before discovering hardcore and beatdown and gravitating to being and out of hardcore bands. Due to too many unreliable people, he went solo and started making acoustic emo, drawing inspiration from emo revival, Midwest emo and 90s emo bands. After finding a love for Lil Peep and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, it was like a breath of fresh air which led to a new musical path for Cub. He chose the name “Cub Ghost” on the basis that a cub is a newborn and always in a state of growing and learning to be better, and ghost being a reference to everyone who’s ever moved on and left his life, he’s now just a ghost in their memory. Cub Ghost is a hurt, angry, hopeful project about dealing with mental health, addiction, self harm and relationships. He set out to make music that could help people in the way his favourite artists have helped him and he will continue to do so until he is dead.