Goat AKA Lewd Chainsmoker

Born and raised in Michigan, surprisingly I was never really the artistic type. Though the only real forms of art I knew were traditional- drawing, painting, etc. Could never quite get my head around it.

That would change in 2018 however on a drunken Christmas night. I had always loved the look of vaporwave art and music. 

I actually learned of vaporwave thanks to Dan Bell and his Dead Malls series on YouTube.

I drunkenly figured I’d be able to do it myself haha. And it’s been quite the journey to say the least. Every year I like to go back and look at the first few things and compare them to what I’ve currently got out. 

To say I do traditional vaporwave would probably be dishonest, and these days I call my art style “suswave” (No I didn’t steal Sus from among us, fuck you lmao.) 

Suswave is similar to vaporwave but I’ve found vaporwave to be somewhat… Rigid. A lot of it just feels the same at times. So I’ve experimented with different colors and styles over the years.