So I guess it’s time I tell you a little about Macka, and what exactly he’s doing here.

This site started a year ago as a psychedelic maze, an Alice in Wonderland adventure with various endings. That still exists along with other hidden things in this site. I’m fascinated by multiple universe theory. Parts of this site allude to that.

I had a very interesting acid trip a little over a year ago. Prior to my hospitalization. The intention was to face my upcoming death. I didn’t die, but it felt like I did a thousand times over. I began to realize that all the crazy experiences I’ve had, my way of looking at things is a bit different now.

With what I’ve experienced who says I’m not ten levels down the rabbit hole. Maybe we all are. Maybe that’s why everything is so weird in our current reality.

Quantum physics shows us some undeniably crazy shit. If we’re the placeholders of reality lets terraform this world into paradise. It’s all we can know for sure we have. Plant medicines can be teachers or terrifiers depending on how you use them.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about ayahuasca, the sacred drink of tribes in Latin America. The combination of ingredients varies from culture to culture, but they all have two things in common: a plant containing an MAOI (monoaminoxidase inhibitor) and a plant with high amounts of Dimethyltryptamine (DMT for you Rogan bros). The point of this combination is the chemical in your brain that’s naturally produced called monoamine oxidase quickly breaks down the DMT compound as it crosses the blood brain barrier. Using an MAOI in combination with DMT stops the Monoamine Oxidase  in your brain from breaking down the DMT allowing for a long, spiritual journey

Now what’s really interesting is that the chemical structure of Psilocybin is that of a DMT molecule attached with an MAOI molecule.

It’s like nature is telling us we need to experience this thing. It holds a message for us.

The last few years of research on psilocybin shows it grows new neural pathways immediately. When I was 19 there was a drumkit in my house, I couldn’t play it for a damn. One day and 3.5 grams of golden teachers I got up on the drum kit again. Point is, I can play drums. Could not at all before that trip. I’ve taken lots of psychedelics. I’ve had some really dark, scary trips at times. Honestly, they were the best. They helped me face things I couldn’t acknowledge.

Point is: Mushroom foraging is fun and beneficial